PBPF Immersion Week at the University of Alabama

In the first week of August 2019, AAPB staff and PBPF expert video consultant Jackie Jay traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for an Immersion Week boot-camp to provide training in the fundamentals of video preservation for the first cohort of University of Alabama PBPF Fellows.

Immersion Week attendees learned about the history of the AAPB, how analog media works, the difference between common analog and digital video formats, and the fundamentals of PBCore before undertaking hands-on workshops in video digitization and digital preservation in the command line. They also toured the facilities at Alabama Public Television, one of the host sites for the first cohort of Alabama PBPF Fellows.

Presentations from Immersion Week are available here:

American Archive of Public Broadcasting Background and Overview, by Casey Davis Kaufman

Audiovisual Archiving: Magnetic and Digital Media, by Rebecca Fraimow

Intro to PBCore, by Rebecca Fraimow

Capturing Video Formats, by Jackie Jay

Moving Image Archiving on the Command Line, by Rebecca Fraimow

Mapping Metadata into the AMS, by Miranda Villesvik

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