PBPF Program Equipment Plans

Here are the Program Equipment Plans from the Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship (PBPF)!

One of the goals of the Fellowship was to increase audiovisual preservation education in Library and Information Science (LIS) Programs. To accomplish this goal, funds were used to purchase digitization equipment for four of the five (LIS) Programs involved in the Fellowship:

University of Missouri
University of North Carolina
University of Oklahoma
Clayton State University

Because San Jose State University is a distance program with no physical campus, grant funds for the San Francisco Fellowship were used to purchase equipment for the Bay Area Video Coalition that was designated for the use of future SJSU students.

Host Mentors, Faculty Mentors, and Local Mentors collaborated to decide which types of equipment to purchase, and were responsible, along with the Fellows, for setting up the equipment once it arrived.

Each LIS Program has written about their plans for the equipment’s use outside of the Fellowship. Programs’ plans range from continued digitization work to incorporation of the equipment into the LIS curriculum to making the equipment available to students interested in pursuing internships in digitization.

Check out the Programs’ plans to find out more:

University of Oklahoma Equipment Plans

University of Oklahoma Testimonial by Lisa Henry

University of Missouri Equipment Plans

University of North Carolina Equipment Plans

San Jose State University and Bay Area Video Coalition Equipment Plans

Clayton State University Equipment Plans

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